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At Rivera Holiday Homes we specialize in the rental of apartments and villas with pool in South East of France. We are continuously seeking new and exciting homes to expand our diverse portfolio of holiday properties. Riviera Holiday Homes seeks primarily large, newer or well-maintained apartments and villas with pool located close to the Mediterranean Sea on the French Riviera. If you own an apartment or a villa and are interested in letting it, then let us have a talk about the possibilities of setting up a collaboration. Riviera Holiday Homes is a serious partner, and here below we will expose the advantages of working with us.

Short list of features that attract tenants:


  • Minimum 1 bedroom on an elevated floor
  • nice view
  • terrace or balcony
  • close to city centre or the sea/ beach
  • newly renovated kitchen and bathroom
  • air conditioning
  • internet access (preferably Wi-Fi)
  • calm surroundings or good isolation
  • garage and/or parking
  • swimming pool in the residenceVillas


  • Private swimming pool
  • air conditioning
  • nice view (preferably sea-view)
  • newly renovated kitchen and bathroom
  • internet access (preferably Wi-Fi)
  • proximity to village/city and the sea/beach
  • calm surroundings (at least no highway or airport noise)

Benefits for owners

There should be many advantages in choosing Riviera Holiday Homes as partner for the rental of your property. We have for many years gained extensive knowledge of the market for holiday rentals, and we know how to get the best possible occupation rate for each holiday home. Our staff knows all about the area where we offer apartments and villas, which enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Benefits of working with riviera holiday homes

  • 3 Google optimized websites in 3 languages, providing high traffic to our sites
  • Our clients have generally a high purchasing power and rent with respect for your property
  • A complete presentation of your property on our websites
  • Online booking and online payment, which ensure more reservations
  • High occupancy rates year round, as the most requested periods vary from country to country. And with 3 language versions on the website, we have high levels of traffic from around the world
  • Possibility to check your property’s calendar via an owner login to our website
  • A human sized agency where the staff will be at your disposal and knows you and your home


Property rental is a market with many operators and actors, and many agencies and websites are in tuff competition. Therefore, it is essential that our customers can easily find your property online, so that the occupancy rate will be optimized. We know that it requires many resources to be in the top of search engine results, and you are easily overlooked, if your property is sliding down on down the list. Therefore, the staff is constantly working on taking the Riviera Holiday Homes’ website visibility on the net as high as possible.

Here are some of the things that make us visible to as many customers as possible:

  • Large Customer base
  • Newsletters
  • Professional sales force that knows your house and its qualities
  • Easy-to-use and optimized website in 3 languages with powerful search options
  • Great focus on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords and advertizing on the biggest websites


Economy is usually the main reason for why letting a property on a short-time basis. Meanwhile, holiday rental is a market where competition is fierce. At Riviera Holiday Homes, we have for many years built up an extensive knowledge of the price levels in the region, which enables us to ensure our owners the highest possible rental income. It may well be that other agencies sometimes offer higher prices than we do, but this is not an insurance to get a good rental income. The price has to be the “right price”. Property rental is a very price sensitive market where the difference between good and bad rental can be quite small.


It may be the first time you rent your property and therefore you are uncertain about how to do get organized and what is required etc. Riviera Holiday homes advices and provide guidance. With our vast experience we are ready to advise you best. We will continuously be at your disposal with advice and answers to your questions. Since over 20 years, we have built up an extensive knowledge of the French Riviera in regards to the activity of holiday rentals and we know how the seasons and demand develops.

We can help/advice you:

  • Setting realistic goals for future lettings
  • Preparing of estimates
  • Regarding layout of the property from what most customers demand


There are many ways to rent out your property. Some owners would like to be involved in part of the management and take an active role with contacts with local representatives and workmen. Other owners do not want to be involved in the rental of their property and the agency will take care of the whole process. Whatever you wish, we are flexible. We have a very large network locally, and we will be organizing everything from preparing the property prior to the arrival of the tenants to the final cleaning and inspection of the property after the tenants have checked out.

Riviera Holiday Homes will organize it all for you :
Payments, damage deposit, contracts, all contacts and correspondence with the tenants, check-in and check-out, reparations and contact with local workmen in case it’s needed, cleaning, supply of linen, inspection of the house after each rental, etc.


We are of course always aiming to be as flexible as possible, and a collaboration should be a dialogue and for the benefit of both parties. It is very important to us that the rental calendar on our website for each single property is updated at all times. Offering clients the possibility to book online definitely results in a better occupancy, but it also requires that both the owner and Riviera Holiday Homes can guarantee a full updated calendar in order to avoid double bookings.

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